Module assembly and printing of plastic parts

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We use vibration, ultrasound or infrared welding to join thermoplastics in a materially bonded manner. So we are capable to connect from small to large plastic pieces. We also offer printing processes such as pad, hot foil or screen printing with which we can apply pictograms, labels, markings, brand logos or warning notices directly to components.

Hochwertige Kunststoffproduktion aus der Schweiz
Hochwertige Kunststoffproduktion aus der Schweiz
Hochwertige Kunststoffproduktion aus der Schweiz

Ultrasonic welding

With ultrasonic welding, the thermoplastic components are firmly bonded to one another by means of high-frequency mechanical vibrations and pressure. This process is particularly suitable for joining small to medium-sized thermoplastic components.

Vibration welding

Parts to be joined are rubbed against each other in an oscillating, translational relative movement under pressure until the materials melt in the contact zones and a melt flow takes place. This is followed by cooling under pressure, so that a material bond is created. Vibration welding is suitable for large components.

Infrared welding

Pipes and containers are manufactured as half-shells using the injection moulding process. Then these are welded into one unit. The parts are connected to one another by means of infrared welding without causing particles inside the pipe. This technique has established itself as a safe and clean welding technique.

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